Fuck all false puritans, cheers to all slutwomen!

Today I took the initiative and I decided to write this particular post. In fact it is the response that I decided to make publicly to an italian girl who writes to us. And there is nothing strange, is not the first woman who follows our blog and writes but this is a special case. Nay, I call it a clinical case. She wrote to us “I’m a teacher” and I think , "good for you, my dear, in these days a permanent work should be kept tight”. Then she did a series of heavy accusations against us because, in her opinion, we trample morality and sense of civilization, mislead the minds of young people and lead on the road of perversion. She writes that we talk about porn and call “artists” the pornstars but instead “the actresses of porn are only  "dirty sluts". She concludes by saying that people like us should be isolated and subject to criminal prosecution. I had to read three times this mail to see if it was a joke but unfortunately it is not. Meanwhile, I would like to know what brings this new Joan of Arc on a porn site. I would like to remind to this demented that porn is a show for adult and consenting people, those who follow porn do it in a free way. Porn is harmless and mislead minds far less than some television programs that incite violence and to the social disengagement, inculcating social models totally devoid of content, empty and useless. The porn is not meant to create patterns and lifestyles, but only as a tool to enhance the sex pleasure. Sex is the best and likes to everyone, maybe not like to this idiot that puts us under fire and in a part of her email emphasizes "I'm in love with love and condemn sex for its own sake”. My sweet and silly darling, you're free to think whatever you want. Porn is art because "exposure of a beautiful thing that everyone likes” and if I have to consider myself a slutwoman because I love sex, then I’m the queen of all slutwomen. Do not I continue further, I wish this stupid teacher soon find someone that will cut off the cobwebs from her pussy . I close this post with two videos, dedicated to two great slut-artists . The films from which they are taken are "Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2" and "Kristina Rose is Slutwoman", both released by Elegant Angel respectively in 2008 and in 2009. And you guys, you who love and follow us every day, look at our videos and make a nice cumshot. Fuck all the false puritans in the world. A kiss from Lisa, your slutwoman!

PS A treat, as the image of our post we chose an animated gif from the movie "Kristina Rose is slutwoman". It is the scene where our Kristina stops a car, get on board and make a really nice gift to the driver ...


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