A contest for your amateur videos, the winner will be able to see me in action with two cocks and no mask, by Lisa

You are many, dear fans of our Cumshots Girls House, who also write to us to send or report videos that you want to see published on our blog. One thing that has had the greatest frequency in this month of June and therefore we decided to open a new section dedicated to your video. From this moment on, all the best videos that will be sent by you to our mail will be posted on our blog. We also intend to make a contest which will be renewed every three months. At the end of each quarter, starting today, we will choose the most beautiful video and will reward the fans of our blog who has reported or sent this video. Must be amateur videos and not with famous pornstars, they can also be videos that are already on the internet but we will give preference to unpublished videos. Dear friends, we want to see you in action. Our first contest starts today and will end on 30 September. At the end of this period we will choose the most beautiful video and as a prize we will send you via email a real exclusive. Many of you have seen my "Sex scenes and cumshots compilation mix", in which I wore the mask. We will send instead to the winner of this first contest my first threesome with two men in which I’m without mask. So dear friends, if you want to see me with two cocks and want to see my face, take part in this contest and send your videos. Today we give officially start to the competition with the first video, posted by Thomas89 who writes from Germany. 
It’s a video short but spectacular. Very good our German friend to send to us this video because in just over a minute it collects our philosophy of life, the one that gave birth to our blog. For us, in fact the most important thing in life after health is a nice enjoyment and believe that nothing is more of a healthy enjoyment after a good fuck. It is the final part of a threesome where the two male protagonists masturbate to give to this sensual woman two deserved cumshots. Magnificent explosion of both, wonderful groans of enjoyment of the protagonists. Thanks Thomas89! 

You can send your unpublished videos or report to us your favorite amateur video among those that you will find on the Internet, writing to my mail, hotshotlisa@gmail.com


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