With Lexi Belle-Smurfette, Andy San Dimas-Hayley Smith and Chanel Preston-Wonder Woman all is possible ...

One of the key features that constitute the unique beauty of porn is to create fantasies in the fantasies. We find very funny many porn parodies that are based upon the comic book or cartoon characters. In a porn parody becomes possible that Gargamel fucks Smurfette or Roger fucks Hayley Smith and cum in her mouth or, even, an uninhibited Wonder Woman that sucks all cocks of the other Justice League’s members in a wild blow- bang. These are obviously cartoons for adults and since we are adults and vaccinated, we're going to see them together ...

Blond, pretty and delicate. The role of Smurfette seems tailor-made for Lexi Belle. But in this particular village of the Smurfs will happen crazy things of all the colors. Gargamel is greedy of the famous "Smurf’s soup" who has never had the pleasure of tasting but with a Smurfette as our Lexi Belle we believe that this famous evil wizard has preferred to remain with empty stomachs but at least empty his balls. 
For those familiar with the popular animated sitcom "American Dad" the character of Roger is certainly very nice. This century old alien comes from the famous Area 51 and since he was established with the humans has tryed to imitate the ways of life and, above all, the vices, such as alcohol and drugs. But his passion is the human body and in this case he found bread for his teeth with a very hot Hayley Smith played by the beautiful Andy San Dimas.

With all due respect for the actresses who have played this role before her, we think that Chanel Preston (pictured) is a perfect Wonder Woman. Says all the name of the character and Chanel is actually a wonder woman in every sense. Only an extraordinary woman can indeed put in place without problems a blow- bang with Superman, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Flash ... so it really is a scene by super heroes. 


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