Sofia Gucci and the revenge of Nando Colelli

We were well prepared to concede Nando Colelli a second chance, after the onset not exciting at that absolutely farcical movie with Sara Tommasi. Parenthesis of Sara in porn has been absolutely disastrous, we are convinced that with another directors and other productions could make a career but ultimately, if an actress is not convinced of their choices and has obvious personal problems, it is best to forget it. Returning to Nando, his career in porn today is well underway and we are happy for him. The italian actor has also managed to remove a pebble from his shoe that made him very badly. The porn italian fans will remember her audition recorded by the cameras of a famous satirical TV program, where it was not able to get an erection in the presence of Sofia Gucci. His big mistake was to undergo this authentic prank, organized with the sole purpose of putting him into ridicule before the eyes of the viewers. Now Nando is a real actor and certainly helped him also his performance with Sofia Gucci, before the cameras of the official website very followed of the italian-romanian diva. About Sofia Gucci, this year he released his latest film, "Fate in calore" (we can traslate the title in Hot Fairies), releades by the italian home production FM Video. We wish her to see you again soon with the big productions, like last year when he was starring in some beautiful scenes by Brazzers and Digital Playground. Meanwhile enjoy her webscene along with Nando Colelli ...


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