Rachel Ryan, Linda McDowell, Nicole Black and Trinity Loren in "Historical cumshots 2"

Our fascinating journey into the history of porn continues with four other great american artists, authors of unforgettable performances during the so-called "Golden Age" of porn but also in the years immediately following. Let's start with the fantastic Rachel Ryan, actress which I am personally very attached because her film "Hotel Paradise" from 1989 is the first VHS porn I have ever purchased. A specialist of analsex (the clip that we show is just such a wonderful anal sequence from “Beefeaters”), Rachel had a career full of great performances from the mid-80s to late 90s. With Linda McDowell instead go back a few decades. The onset of this artist is in fact with "Penthouse Passions", a film dated 1971. Short but intense her career, which ended in the second half of the '70s. About Linda we show you a superb double facial of exceptional artistic value. The third artist that we show is the mischievous Nicole Black (1st picture), her parable in porn embraces almost all the 80s, always with performances from high school of porn characterized by her spontaneity in front of the camera.
Finally, a tribute to a great diva like Trinity Loren (2nd picture), one of the most famous "boobstars" in the history of U.S. porn film. Her debut takes place in 1985 and quickly became one of the undisputed queen of the industry. She retired from the scene in the early 90s for fear of AIDS (then the controls on HIV were not as precise as it is today), including her latest interpretations emphasize the aforementioned "Beefeaters" (1989), film with a stellar cast (Moana Pozzi, Peter North, Rachel Ryan and Nina De Ponca among others). A rewarding career but also a turbulent life (problems with depression and, subsequently, drug addiction), who was the tragic end in 1998, with the death of the actress caused by an overdose of painkillers (there was talk of a possible suicide).
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