Great artists and legendary scenes on the page "Historical cumshots 2"

Going a little further back in time, to the rediscovery of the legendary artists who have donated to the adult film unforgettable moments. On the page "Historical cumshots 2" today we offer a treat, a cumshot compilation SlowMo mounted of the great british actress Sarah Young (pictured), surely one of the queens of the porn in the world in the late 80s and mid 90s. We started on really big and continue to go in beautiful style with a scene starring the porn-double of Marilyn Monroe, the french star Olinka Hardiman, movie hardcore diva of 80s. Truly remarkable the blowjob in the car with final cumshot in mouth, in which Olinka performs in this clip. In the third video of today we review the talented Merle Michaels. Compared to other pornstars of vintage period she was perhaps less advertised but as for talent was second to none and in my opinion she remains one of the most talented american divas of that time. Unforgettable scene of group sex in this case by Merle, a great specialist of this genre, set in a cinema. Finally, a legendary scene that made the history of porn film. Taken from "Joint Venture", masterpiece of 1977 directed by Gerard Damiano, is the "blowjob competition" with Kristine Heller, Vanessa Del Rio, Paula Morton and Susaye London. To see our new video click the link "Historical cumshots 2" which is to the right in our home page in the list of pages


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