Gabriel Pontello and Tajia Rae: new clip in "Historical cumshots 2"

Who remembers "Ifix tcen tcen"? In the 70s and 80s the porn had its many magazines. In Italy was a great success "Supersex", a series of picture stories hardcore had starring french actor Gabriel Pontello. It was the story of an alien landed on Earth that through the power of his "erotic fluid" seduces all women. "Ifix tcen tcen" was his battle shout, when Gabriel broke through in a copious cumshot. These picture stories now have become a cult and are coveted by many collectors. Of "Supersex" was later also turned into movies. Let's review Gabriel Pontello in a video of the '80s that we published in the "Historical cumshots 2", in which he starred with the beautiful Tajia Rae (pictured). To view it just click the appropriate link that is located to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.


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